Library card application

The library stores customer information in its database, and a description of the registry is available as required by law (523/1999). Customers have the right to view what is stored about them upon providing photographic identification. Data is not shared with third parties as per 523/1999.


Personal data


The library regulations

- Borrowers are expected to be familiar with the library regulations and agree to follow them on receiving a library card.

- Information about personal reservations and loans is protected by law.

- Each loan must be registered at the self-service.

- Reading room and reference material can be used in the library.

- Borrowers are responsible for the books and other materials registered in their name.

- They are required to inform the library immediately of a change of address or lost of a library card.

- The lending periods are:
    Monographs (not course books); 28 days
    Series; 28 days
    Text books; 7 days
    Text books (1-2 copies of each title); reading room use and overnight/weekend loans
    Master's theses; reading room reference only
    Journals; reading room reference only
    Reference books (e.g. dictionaries); reading room reference only

- Loans must be returned or renewed on expiry of the lending period.

- The borrowers can renew their loans via Hanna.

- For each course book returned after the due date, the borrower will be charged 0,70 euro/day. The other material 0,50 euro/item.

- Overnight/weekend loans must be returned by 10 a.m., otherwise there will be a charge of 15 euros.

- Borrowers with 10 euros or more in fees and fines are not allowed to borrow.

- In case loans are not returned or if they are damaged, the borrower will be charged for the cost of replacement.

- The School engages the debt collector Intrum Justitia.

- Publications on loan can be reserved via Hanna by the borrower.

- Fulfilled reservations are charged a fee of 1 euro.

- Reservations that are not picked up will incur an extra 1 euro fine unless cancelled.

- Weekend loan reservations are made manually in the library.

- Documents can be obtained from other libraries through an interlibrary loan on payment of a fee.

- All collections in the library are marked with an anti-theft label.

- The library can dismiss disturbing customers.